First Meeting

Sep. 6th 2014
Our first meeting was very precise.
Mr. Gupta, Director of JSJ Traxim Private Limited was pretty straight and only thing he said to us was

i know how to manufacture, maintain the quality and make it affordable. Everything else you’ll have to handle.

Their brand motto was to provide affordable footwear. He gave us his brand name Vittaly, the tagline Inspired From Italy and asked us for the draft about how to proceed in the E-Commerce market.


We understood each and every requirements of vittaly footwear, studied the customer interest and did a broad competitor’s analysis. Finally we decided to implement the entire project in multiple steps.


01. Design

We decided company identity design in the very first phase of the project. We want to make a brand symboliser apart from the logo, that could be used wherever some detailing is to made.

E-Commerce Portals

02. Catalogue

In the second phase of the project we has to register the brand on several e-commerce portals and list their product after the required product shoot and editing. We also planned to do some local advertisements to boost the sale.


03. Development

We planned to start last phase when first two steps would successfully be implemented. In the last phase we planned to make a company website which will act as a affiliate of amazon.

Vittaly basically was to enter with the entry segment shoes. So our main concerned was the customer from a middle order family. Also they want to get their logo to be simple and in the shape of a tag with affordable fashion.

As our team mainly focus onto details, they want to create a specific detailed illustration that’ll be carried out in the whole branding process.


After the complete branding, we moved on to the second step of our project and started the product photography of the entire range of their shoes. Also we make them registered with all the main trending e-commerce portals of India.

As soon as the products went live, we started doing local advertisements by the mean of newspapers, magazines, hoardings and e-mailers.

Orders per day
Just in one month of starting

100+ orders a day

We were good with the starting approach and were now looking to acquire our next target.
500 orders a day

Now our final phase was to implement trust of users in the brand and attract the elite group of customers as well to the products.

We started the development of the brand website with a affiliate referral hook with three advantages:

  • They can showcase the products in a best way on their own website.
  • Make users buy the products online without any headache of shipping or order management.
  • Make an additional handsome amount of affiliate money.