Something More Than Just A

Mobile Repair Centre

It all started in the summer of 2015


It all started in the summer of 2015 when we were approached with an business model about Mobile Phone Repairing Centres. Their aim was to provide mobile repairing facilities by the most trained & capable persons and that too in a most simplified & easy process. Their entire business model was customer service oriented and we were given responsibilities of taking care all its design, marketing and technology part.


  • Brand naming which will completely be explaining its purpose
  • Creating a compelling logo
  • Illustrating a visual consistent style
  • Keen attention to colors n typography
  • Customer engaging UI/UX for website
  • Highly functional backend for the management of service centres

Their business model was entirely focused on two things i.e Mobile & Repair.

By brand naming we tried to give a distinct touch just by the name only. In our brainstorming and strategy sessions, one of the most highlighted quote was
“Doctors For Your Phone”

So we give them an idea of using medical terminologies.
Like Engineer will be the Doctor, Repair be the Treatment and other terms like Clinic, Discharge etc.

So it resulted in the brand name


After finalising the logo we started the branding.
Consistency plays the most important role in the branding of a company, so we plotted a theme and set of illustrations to be used.

Finally we get our hands dirty with all the thoughts we were getting and created them on Paper and Screen.

User Experience and Interface

A brand doesn’t get popular until it have a very user friendly and user engaging website.

While designing the website a keen eye was taken on the user experience of the website. Use of illustration and typography was very consistent in the entire website.

Also as website are no more desktop oriented, we designed a fully responsive website which is checked on every popular browser & devices as well.

Simplified Approach To Report

Why go through multiple phone calls or follow different steps to check the status of your device? We implemented a solution where a customer can check the current status of his device anytime just by entering the number of their jobsheet.

User Engagement

We have introduced Selfie Corner in every clinic where a picture of user with its repaired phone will be taken and uploaded to instagram with hashtag. Also a user itself can upload the picture with our hashtag and random pictures will be shown on the website in our happy Client Corner.