Name of your company, product, service or range etc is the first thing anyone will come in contact with. So why a right name is so important for your brand? Well, a right brand name is vital element for a brand’s success. It communicates the most important information to the consumer in the most compact fashion. The information centers around your brand promise, its positioning & brand value.

We at Rhygel Inc. follow a methodical approach to create powerful brand name that resonates with your target audience. We stress on clear & concise objectives that sets out the right way to name your brand. We use our time tested methodology to develop ideal naming solutions for you. Our main focus is on creating the right impact through clear, concise & well researched process.

What we do:

  • Company’s name
  • Product Name
  • Naming Research
  • Service Name

If you are launching a new company, a product or a service or your product line needs consolidation, or your brand is getting a makeover through merger & acquisition, we at Rhygel Inc work to create naming conventions that suits you the best.

Our Process:

We will first identify the model of your business. The next step is to screen through your competition. Furthermore we would establish how your name would support your model of business. With these questions in mind we zero in on the best possible names out of hundreds that we jot down after a grueling process of name writing over a period of few days. We further test these Names to fit in with following characteristics.

  • Distinctive
  • Easy on Lips
  • Expressive
  • Easy to Remember


Naming your brand, product line can be a time consuming job, but once done it can lay a strong foundation to a great beginning.